The pension "Gennaro House", dipped in the green of the garden, the vineyards and the orchards, is situated on the Island of Ischia - pearl of the Gulf of Naples - along the provincial road that give to Panza door to S. Angelo. All the rooms with air condidioting and wi-fi free enjoy an optimal panoramic position and decide of private bath, television set and, to choice, of one terrace for sun cures or a balcony. The pension have a private parking. The tranquillity, the kitchen particularly cured home-made, the good local wine and the optimal treatment, are some of the guarantees offered from the house in order to render more nice Your vacation

View from the pension Casa Gennaro
The charming suburb of Sant'Angelo, an ancient time village of fishermen, and  the beautiful beach of the island (Bay of Sorgeto, Maronti, Citara with the Terme Poseidon, Cavascura with the Terme Tropical, the Bay of S. Montano with the Terme Negombo) to be distant only little minutes. Stopping of the bus just in front of the pension renders the connections also with the average publics easy and comfortable.